So I am a sucker for a couple of things. Clearly, at that this point you have figured out that one of those things are FASHION! But I also have an uncanny love for sports, namely basketball. Believe it or not, I used to be the BIGGEST tomboy! When I was in grade school I had uniforms, which meant that my fashion choices were limited. Yet and still I refused to wear skirts (these days I love wearing skirts and dresses). I played soccer starting in second grade, and basketball starting in third. I prided myself on being the only girl picked as a basketball captain in my middle school gym class, and being picked first for flag football as much as I prided myself for having Tommy girl overalls (I was in middle school okay, do not judge! lol.)

In college, I started out in fashion classes before I decided that the girls were (for lack of a better term) b*tches. So mostly for those reasons I switched over to sports classes. Yes, in sports classes I was kind of the underdog because men think they know everything about anything that is perceived to be masculine (wrong, by the way). Finally, the light bulb went off in someone at Columbia College Chicago head and then created a class (drum roll) called Fashion and Sports. (You don’t know what I had to do to be in this class, but it all worked out luckily!)

So, I gave you this run through of past events to say this. If my class in college had an assignment and it came true, it would definitely be this line below:






$110.99 on sale



I’m sure I’ve posted that Rachel Roy and Amare Stoudemire were collaborating on a line together, well this is the fruit of their labor! I’m completely  in love this because as a girl who loves to partake in basketball games while still looking chic and supporting her home team, this is perfect! I could just imagine the Bulls sweatshirt, the leather shorts, tights, and a pair of wedged sneakers for the Knicks/Bulls game February 2 at MSG!

This is a perfect gift for a guy that wants to his lady to wear stylish sports gear! Oh, of course you will have to buy her the See by Chloe’ sneakers too! *winks* Shop the collection here.

Ash, $200,

See by Chloe’, $350,

in love.

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