“Stop Waiting for Friday. Live Now”

via She is Emily Tumblr

I love this! I feel like this is my mantra for life! My life has been rocked hard this year but it seems like from all the madness have come million-dollar decisions. Like the decision to not wait until 2012 to move to New York instead bring it in, in New York! I only have one life to live, and I must live it in the best way I know how. That means allowing my soul to guide me towards serenity, and really trusting myself. I can admit that I don’t have all the answers but I know exactly what I DO NOT want. I don’t want to compromise on my love for art, fashion, music, or sports as I have in the past. I don’t want to work at a company whose product I don’t believe in. I’ve taken the time to really explore what makes me happy, like this blog, and will continue to do so as I make this journey to New York. I hope all of my readers join me. It predict it’s going to be a little crazy, maybe a slight hair-pulling or crying, but it shall be interesting, fun, and wondrous because I will not accept anything less. So “stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it NOW. Take risks” I wish all of you nothing but peace, love, blessings, and success!

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