The Golden Globe Chic Monsters

So last night not only did the Giants beat the Packers (take that cheeseheads) but I also got to swoon over the Golden Globe fashion! What made it better, Twitter! The commentary from @dkny, @missinfo, @refinery29, @vulture, @fashionista_com, and more was so priceless! I love that the invention of Twitter has made red carpet events 10x better, and more engaging! It’s like having a viewing party with friends from all over!

I loved the looks above, but my four favorites are below.

Jessica glowed in Gucci! She was styled by Brad (Rachel Zoe’s old assistant), and she looked amazeballs! Very radiant, and very glamorous!

Charlize Theron looked great in this flush tone Dior Couture dress. I loved the sparkly princess headband, and details on the dress. It was simple with a little bit of #pow! Very well put together look!

Mrs. Viola looked regal in Pucci. I loved the color of the dress against her skin tone. I like the hair and makeup too.

But my favorite had to be Sofia in Vera Wang! I love a woman with some curves and Sofia’s body is like va va va boom! I love that she plays to her body’s strengths and she doesn’t try to hide them. The dress is a great color, and it’s interesting. I like the hair over one shoulder because it plays to the sex kitten look she is going for. She looks amazing and she is my Chic Monster of the Golden Globes!

Who was your favorite?

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