How Did I Get Here???

My apologies for being neglectful! I just have been in this really funky space, and my mind has been on overload. I mean writing cover letters, searching for jobs, applying for jobs, blah blah blah! And that’s really just my professional life. I’m STILL adjusting to this city, pretty much riding the F train EVERYWHERE (haha), looking for a new apartment, and trying to have a social life (kind of failing at that, but all I have is space and opportunity.) So my brain was just like NO DESHARA, you are not blogging today. Besides that I went to Jersey this weekend and I had no internet access.

But since I moved to New York, I’ve had many people tell me that I’m an inspiration to them. Little ol’ me, imagine that! I’m just a girl from the West-Side *said in my Tupac voice* of Rockford that has been fortunate enough to know what I want (kinda) and take life by the balls. I’m happy to lend inspiration to anyone on any given day because God has blessed me with so much but it’s IN all of you too. All you have to do is believe you can do anything and find a guiding light. Now my guiding light is, and forever shall be the Man up stairs that some people like to call Jesus! I’m just happy to be where I am, and hope there are only more blessings ahead.

My song of the moment: “Tip the Scale” by the Roots

“I live life trying to tip the scale, my way”

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