Chic Monster of the Day // Ni**gas in Paris

On his all black swag, Kanye is like the only man I’ve seen that can pull off leather pants (I’m pretty sure it’s a gift). I also love the look on his face, like “yeah, I know I’m the sh*t and what are you going to do?”  The blazer, the button-up, the leather pants, and sneakers just work for him. He looks chic without looking goth. Kudos Kanye!

While we’re on the subject of Kanye, why not throw in a new video. I’m sort of happy that this is a performance video because it embodies the nature of the video. It’s a party record, it makes you want to get up, and now the video does the same thing. I like it! You?

P.S. Kanye is supposed to be showing in Paris this season as well. *fingers crossed people*

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