How Can One Person be so Beautiful?

No, seriously? I mean her skin is like the perfect color of dark chocolate that probably melts in your mouth, and not in your hand. She (her stylist) has been picking the utmost awesome colors for her to wear on the red carpet. She let the wig go for the night, and rocked her natural hair. I literally dropped my phone when I saw her. I just can’t handle how gorgeous she is!!! (Well that, and she stole my next hair color. How could she?)

I didn’t get to see the red carpet, but I feel like I don’t even need to go in-depth. I am just going to stop here, and say that I am in awe of Viola Davis. She eludes beauty in every sense of the word. So what if she didn’t win an Oscar this year, she will! (Plus if you’re going to lose to anyone it should be Meryl)


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