New Music That Makes My Headphones Happy!

Diggy ft Jadakiss “88”

Am I the only one that feels guilty when I listen to Diggy? I literally watched this little guy grow up on “Run’s House” and now he is a little man who also happens to be a pretty good rapper. His rap knowledge is superb for a kid his age, but then again his dad Rev Run, and his uncle is Russell Simmons. I think he has all the keys to make in the rap game, he isn’t bubblegum yet he’s catchy and has punch lines aren’t really that of other 16-year-old rappers. (think Bow Wow. ha) Plus Jadakiss is on the song, and I just love that guy!

Teyana Taylor ft Jadakiss & Fabolous “D.U.I”

So I really want to like Teyana Taylor because she has a great voice and even better hair, but I don’t know about this song. Something seems off about it. Maybe it’s the speed she’s singing versus the rap verses from Fab and Jadakiss. Nonetheless, I think the song is decent at the very least, and I like her voice.

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