Let’s Catch Up!

Well I cannot believe that it’s been like two weeks since I’ve blogged, but in my defense the last two weeks have been cray! Right around March 1, I moved into a new apartment in a different Brooklyn neighborhood to my dismay with no water, no electricity, and no appliances. (Oh Joy, right?) Luckily, those things were fixed after a bit of a hassle because our apartment hadn’t been rented in 2 YEARS! My first thought was, “Oh sh*t, this place in haunted. I am not staying here.” (haha) But THANKFULLY that isn’t the case.

making the best of not having a closet…

I’ve also been knee-deep in freelancing, interviewing, and nannying part-time. That doesn’t leave me much time to blog, especially since we currently haven’t installed our cable/internet.

There is one thing that I am beyond excited to share with you guys though. I finally did it! Yes, I finally cut off ALL my relaxed in (long story short: I’ve been transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural for the last year).  Now I am having a complete love affair with my all natural curly hair. I really love it! I can run my fingers through it without getting my fingers caught in the relaxed tangled messiness. Also, my hair process has went from like two hours to just around one hour (that deserves a hand clap)!

Other than that, I have been trying to enjoy New York to the best of my abilities, trying to land an ideal situation with a digital marketing company, and trying to find love in a hopeless place. (I’m only half kidding. haha) Hopefully when my roommates decide to get the internet on, I can blog more. =) Stay blessed, stylish, and giving the world your chic monster-ness! Ciao!

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