Poetry Hour: Flowers


In spite of the non believers that

don’t see what I see

I rise

like the sun radiant enough to blind your self-doubt


You keep telling me what I can do

Like you created this

But you’re just a guilty bystander wishing you had a tiny bit of what God gave me


And I would help

if you head wasn’t wrapped so tightly

I mean, it’s all just sh*t

Sh*t you telling yourself about why you ain’t on yet

Like the sh*t you keep sprinkling

hoping to watch a forest grow

but sadly your just planting new sh*t on top

of the same old dirty sh*t

which magically equals more _____


Instead of wasting valuable time “encouraging” others

You should probably stop planting sh*t

Nobody likes it

Do NOT steal, no one likes that either. Original work

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