That Dance is all the Rage!

So, by now you can probably assume that I am obsessed with Youtube videos. I love seeing people with talent have an outlet to showcase it. Especially when those people are kids and they are given the opportunity at a young age to live out there dreams! As a lover of all things art related, I love to see the organization, Collective Uth, give kids a way to keep busy, stay out of trouble, and do what they love to do. I think it’s an organization that more people should be aware of, and more people should applaud!


About Collective Uth: 

Bringing young dancers and professional choreographers together to create art in motion. Founded in the summer of 2011, collectiveÛth™ is a group of young artists from all over the country… joined together to by dance! The establishing members are young dancers who take class, audition, and work together. The group was formed to promote camaraderie among talent, while exposing them to all genres of dance.collectiveÛth™ work and train with many of the top dancers and choreographers in the industry, who provide leadership and guidance to the future of dancers, choreographers, and artistic directors.

To inspire, motivate, create, and educate young dancers through encouragement.

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