Can I get a Refill?

Hey guys,

So after much thought and consideration, I think I am going to go on a little hiatus. Lately, I haven’t had the biggest motivation to blog, and I know it’s because I am getting pulled in so many directions! New York is an animal, and I am just trying to survive (and land the ideal situation career wise). So between all my deep thoughts, and me trying to have a social life, I don’t find much time to blog.

Now, I’m not saying that I won’t blog for months or something crazy like that. I am basically just saying that I will be blogging less, (maybe a few posts once a week opposed to a few posts everyday.) But there are other ways to keep in touch with me. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram: supershara, Pinterest, or check out blog posts on Seven Halos that I write.

I’m just in a place where a lot of self-reflection is taking place! I feel like I have discovered so much about myself since I’ve been here. My passion for fashion has heighten, I’ve been having a love affair with my hair, and I just love all the art that takes place in this city. It really inspires me and makes me want to dive deeper into my artistic side. I really need life to give me a refill.

“But until you say good night / all I know is that I’m staying”

It’s not over until it’s over. be blessed.

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