Midnight Snack

Every single day we wake up, we have this choice. We have this choice to be either happy or sad or miserable. Sometimes our days are just all bad from the start, and some days things are just peachy. Ultimately, the power belongs to us. We are the controllers of our own destiny! So I am saying to all of you reading this blog at this very moment that you must always choice happiness, even when craziness is right is your face laughing. Don’t give in to bad vibes rather ride the waves of serenity. You must look at life and realize that you will never achieve a “perfect” one and there probably won’t ever be a time when everything is right all at once. There is joy in knowing that you can’t be perfect though, it allows you to take some of that pressure off of yourself! So enjoy life because you only get one! You owe it to yourself to spend as much time as you can smiling, and really enjoying the days, minutes, and seconds you have doing something you really love!

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