My Latest Obsession: Wedge Sneakers

I’ve never really been a sneakerhead. I’ve never camped out for the latest pair of Jordans or built shrines around my fleeting collections of Nikes. I just haven’t ever been that girl, but there is something that has hit the fashion scene that I just cannot deny. A classier sneaker! One that will surely please the fashion gods: wedge sneakers. I believe the first pair I noticed were this nude pink See by Chloe ones on shopbop.


Then Marc Jacobs has models walk the runway in his Marc by Marc wedge sneakers that had the fashion world buzzing.


Next, I can’t look at a blog site without seeing Beyonce or Alicia Keys in a pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers.


But you truly know that something has hit mainstream when big (commercial) names like Steve Madden and Nike form their own version of this popular footwear.



So no matter if you are on a budget, or have money to blow, there is a pair of wedge sneakers to appease any appetite. You can go subtle with a pair of the See by Chloe or the suede Steve Madden or you can let your sneakers speak for itself with a pair of the Marc by Marc or the Nike ones. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of each in my closet and I have especially been lusting after the See by Chloe and the Marc by Marc Jacobs pair. Which pair do you imagine most in your closet or do you believe this trend is just a fad and will pass soon?

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