I love the 90s!

So I was super excited to attend Vashtie’s 1992 party here in New York at Santos Party House. Anyone that knows me, knows that I rave on and on about 90s music, especially rap!

$5 dollar party, count me in!

The 1992 party creators, Vashtie and Oscar.

So the party was everything I wanted and more. It reminded me of my beloved spot in Chicago that I would go to for good music and cheap drinks. It always feels like I’m with family when I’m there, and this party was very reminiscent of that. No one was trying too hard, instead just there to enjoy all the scenery had to offer.


My favorite shirt ever, a 1992 2-peat championship Bulls tee that I thrifted, a vintage Italian leather belt, Urban Outfitters boyfriend jean shorts, H&M sheer tights, thrifted mutli-color scarf, and Kenneth Cole Reaction heeled boots. (not pictured, sorry!)

Just Blaze also slid through the party, but I left before that magic happened. My only two regrets of the night was 1) getting a chance to say hi to Vashtie, and 2) not having an opportunity to stay longer. The next time it’s on though. (believe dat)

*All party photos taken from Vashtie’s blog*

And though there was plenty of great music, this the song that has been stuck in my head since the party, M.O.P “Ante Up”. Ha, go figure!

Check out more awesome photos on Vashtie’s blog. 

Finished the night with some taxi cab confessionals. (No, not really) Follow me on Instagram: supershara

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