Poetry Hour: Space

All this talk about Frank Ocean, freedom, and such makes me want to share a poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!


In your space
no space between
The stars and your dreams
For a life better than what space allowed
Free space
Freedom to roam around
Until you find yourself
ask mirrors what they think of yourself
Evil stepmothers invade your space
Gave your dad forbidden fruit
You a worm that wandered in  your stomach space
Pushed two fingers for up chucks
Guard your space
Your heart
Your need to be more
More space
less excuses
All you need is space
like the space between the moon and your window
That creates beautiful imagery about space 
Whether used figuratively or literally
Space is all you have
You can use your space
Or forfeit it up to the highest bidder thinking they need more space
Guard your space
It’s the one thing without walls

transparent like air
But needed like water
Pour yourself into your space
Between your ears
Smash dab in your beating machine
you need it
I need it
Guard your space 

*do not steal. copy written*

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