Midnight Snack

Untitled, Undefined
sinking hearts that match sinking souls
because there is no hope left
just imaginary thrills that resurrect lifeless bones
I’m tired of trying to figure out who I am
there’s no box to check to describe the lines I try to stay out of
draw outside of
paint outside of
and live outside of
Normalcy is as difficult as it is to find a democrat in the south
I feel restrained every second someone asks me what I do
I do everything and nothing that interests you
I’m only true to those that haven’t tried to define me
Never offered suggestions about finding comfort in boxes that don’t fit
I can only birth ideas that allow me freedom
that promised peace
and no more thoughts of war
that turn artists into druggies
music into bubblegum
and fashion into color
I fell in love with art because it was free
no right answers
just plenty of perspectives
art remains the same
It’s just these left winged hypocrites
who’ve never held a paintbrush
had wet clay between their fingers
or used words to draw pictures that exceed reality
They’ve only ever lived in one dimension
So maybe I shouldn’t be the one that’s offended

*original work. do not steal*

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