Changing to Channel Orange

So like everyone else, I jumped at the opportunity to buy Frank Ocean’s album early on Itunes. He came out the closet on Independent Day (very fitting right?) and that sparked my interest enough to see what the album was about (well that and I was already a fan). Firstly, I can appreciate any album with 18 tracks because honestly I get a little pissed when the album is only 10 tracks deep (that’s like a dollar a song if you snag the album for ten bucks). Moving on…..

Honestly, I don’t really know what to say about this album. It’s definitely not horrible but it’s not the best thing I ever heard either. I was expecting to be blown away (maybe I set myself for that) and I was sort of let down. I love that Frank Ocean is now openly discussing love for another male like in the song “Forest Gump” but most of the other songs, for me, were not memorable. I believe that my favorite songs on the album are (naturally) “Thinkin bout you”, “Pyramids”, “Super Rich Kids”, and my favorite is “Pink Matter”. There is a break in that song (Pink Matter) that legit made me shed a tear. Maybe it was a mix of my fatigue (it was like 2am), my emotion state, or his (Frank’s) emotion state that seemed to ooze through my MacBook speakers or a combination of the three. That song alone reminded me why I loved Frank Ocean so.

So that is 4 songs of the 16 songs (or 1/4 of the album) that I really enjoyed. Maybe I was caught up in the hype surrounding a R&B/ Hip Hop artist letting his homosexual status be known. So hopefully this album will grow on me. I want to believe in Frank Ocean and his ability to be a truth teller, and one that is always led by the raws emotions that allow him to be such a great artist. So do I recommend the album to people? Sure. Will I  put this in my top ten favorite albums? Definitely not.

** So apparently this song has a Dragonball Z reference** haha.

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