Midnight Snack

No, seriously! Make It Happen! It seems too often we are so close to our dreams and we just give up. If only we had that one last gulp of life that reminded why we are doing what we’re doing in the first place…

I’ve reached my six month mark in New York, and I can honestly say it gets better. The first couple of months were super horrid. It was winter, cold, I had no job, living off my saving, and just a wondering what I was doing with myself. But by the grace of God I held on. I had to hustle to get where I wanted to be (still not there yet but I AM GETTING CLOSER) and just simply make it happen. Sometimes that’s going to be the only option. Sometimes you are going to have to take that moment, shed a tear, pick yourself up and make it happen. Here’s a secret too: Everyone is going through something. Whether it be finding the right career, making a big move, getting married, or picking a major in college. Everyone has problems, but the successful people find a way to become resilient. They become resourceful and realize life is what you make it. So, tomorrow is Monday. You have five days to make something amazing happen. Let’s all make it happen!

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