Poetry Hour: Silence



What if yourself gives you silence

the earth doesn’t reveal what belongs to you

and your thoughts are on mute


that is sharp enough to rip wholes in hearts

apologies never accepted

because pride is louder than


when unexpected pregnancy gives wrong answers to life tests

suddenly worlds collide forever that were only meant

to end in silence

forehead kisses

text message break-ups

no silence

that masks betrayal because image is more valuable than silence

forgive those who shoved you down stairs

to bloody deaths to save face

so please read between the silence

see the guilt that hides in your eyes

that lies under your tongue

sleeps in your fingertips

and breathes through your feet


silence is more piercing that an elephant stampede in the middle of an empty jungle

silence creeps up in your noisy moments

makes you insecure

rethink thoughts already planned

take hurried steps back into the darkness

where silence breeds

like leeches sucking seconds worthy of your screams

so do you crave silence

when the world turns on you

tells you how to live

demands everything and gives nothing

silence slumbers

you just have to count the sheep

control the racket

the light

the silence

master silence


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