My Songs of the “Moment”

All these songs that are stuck in my head and will just not come out. Lately, it’s been these unique voices by the likes of Elle Varner, Jhene Aiko, and Frank Ocean, but there is also something really special about the “Successful” Remix by JDP. Given that I know him personally, and that he played the song for me way back in 2009, it still gives me goosebumps. We both had a dollar and dream, and now we are literally standing on the cusp of making it happen. There is no greater feeling. 

Elle Varner – I Don’t Care

“I’m gone and I’m going / Into the deep end / Far over my head”

Jhene Aiko – 2 Seconds

“I don’t need your trust / I don’t need this sh*t, yah / I have had enough / I think you should / run away”

Frank Ocean ft Andre 3000 – “Pink Matter”

“What if the stars and the sky are for show?”

JDP – Successful remix

“I feel like fate gave me a purpose  and I’m not where near perfect / but I work so damn hard I swear to God that I’m worth it”

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