I know I haven’t talked much about the Olympics because a) I have no TV so I have been watching highlights mostly and b) because of watching highlights only I haven’t really been able to feel the excitement. I do love the Olympics though because I really love sports! Also, since it was held in London this year, there has been rumor of Spice Girl reunion. Now, as a brown little girl who thought she was Sporty Spice, and one that watched Spice World until the VHS broke, I can’t tell you how excited I was.

I also can’t tell you how proud of my country I am!

My Favorite Moments

As an African-American woman myself, I couldn’t even explain in words how amazed I am by this sixteen old phenom. She becomes the first African-American woman EVER to win a gold in the individual all-around in gymnastics.

These woman ran their a$$es off! Not only did the Americans win gold in the 4×400 but they also broke a world record in the 4×100 with a time of 40.82. The old WR was set by Germany 27 years ago!

The US Women’s Soccer gets redemption against Japan (think World Cup) in 2-1 victory for the gold medal.

In truly dramatic fashion, the Men’s Basketball team take home a gold medal with a 107-100 victory over Spain. Many believe they gave the “Dream Team” a large run for their money!

Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympian ever! He has more medals than anyone else, and I am so glad he is an American! haha.

Ahh, yes! This has made my life tonight! (Sorry the video was removed) They sounded and looked like what Spice Girls dreams were made of! Greatest way to end the Olympics! Until 2016 people…..

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