What Exactly is Azealia Banks Selling?

Unless you being creating a life for yourself under a rock, you have heard of Azealia Banks. She has been in Twitter beefs with T.I., Lil Kim, and Jim Jones, just to name a few. She’s a firecracker not afraid to speak her mind in her music, or on a social platform. You have to admire the Harlem native that hasn’t seemed to really sell herself to the wolves, instead stick by the person she’s been since the beginning. Maybe it’s all just a persona that she’s creating for herself or maybe it’s who’s she been all alone. Who really knows?

This Dazed & Confused cover has already been banned in seven countries, and pretty much described as “disgusting and unnecessary” but is it really that deep? In my opinion, the purpose of a cover (whether magazine, album, or book) is to grab the attention of readers to make them consider purchase. You can’t deny that the imagery on this cover is beautiful, and meshes. Everything from the condom in her mouth to the photo of Tupac in the background, and honestly how disgusting is it have a condom in your mouth? Isn’t it more disgusting not to use a condom at all?


Taken from my Facebook

taken from The Fashion Bomb

On to the Music…

Azealia Banks – “Van Vogue”

Honestly, I like her flow and her raunchy lyrics. I think she has the best flow out as far a female rappers (that I’ve heard), and I think she also has the best style. She is believable. She has fun with her music, and she does that without being taboo or wack. She created this fresh lane for herself and I think she does “her” well and that’s all I ask for in my music.

To the Fashion….

this young beauty accompanied Mr. Alexander Wang to the Met Ball

T by Alexander Wang ad video. Niceeeeee….

All in all, I think that Azealia has talent and that’s really a standout in my book. She’s proving to be resilient and part of this new era in rap. Rappers tend to be on the cutting edge of fashion, creating trends as they go, but she maintains a level of cool. She doesn’t appear to be trying to hard, which I feel like a lot of females rappers get caught in, but just being herself. She’s raunchy. She rides in her own lane, and honey, she’s fierce! Now, hate it or love it.

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