D. Son – Summertime Chi Reloaded

D. Son releases his album just in time for fall. STC (Summetime Chi) Reloaded is filled with diverse tracks that features lyrics like, “So what you witnessing / full-blown sickness / AIDS off the leash / Magic Johnson couldn’t fix it” but also songs like “Playa Sh*t” that describes the battle between the popularity of being an artist while trying to faithful to one girl. I’m a fan of the truth-telling in his music and favor songs like “Bringin’ Real Back”, “Illusions”, “Don’t Turn Around”, and “Getaway”. I also really like the production on the album, and how it’s clear that D. Son really has love for Chicago, even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with the politics of the music scene. There is a song for everyone on this album, and definitely worth a listen.

Download here

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