Finding “It” – Midnight Snack

I know I have been M.I.A. from my WordPress fam but my life has been so busy outside of blogging. I’ve barely had time to listen to new music, or check out any of NYFW (New York Fashion Week) or LFW (London Fashion Week) but I will blog about it soon, promise. In my absence I’ve had time to reevaluate. Sometimes we (all of us) get stuck in what we think our destiny is. I had to learn out the hard (long) way that destiny is connected to your heart and soul. It shouldn’t be about how much money you make rather how it makes you feel and how it improves the quality of someone’s life (my opinion). Though I’ll never be a superhero, I aspire to change a couple lives simply be using the talents God has given me in a positive way. Being the best I can be, and sharing something amazing with this world is the least I can do. Life isn’t always easy but remember someone, somewhere didn’t make it to this day. That should inspire you enough to always do you best.

P.S. never let ANYONE tell you what you can or cannot do. Your destiny is NOT connected to anyone’s opinion of you. It’s not up to anyone else to decide what you are capable up. Don’t give up. The most success people are not always the smarter or the prettiest. The one that succeeds is the one that doesn’t give up. Also remember the battle gets tougher as you get CLOSER. Peace && blessings all! YOU CAN DO IT!

“Good is the enemy to great” -Pastor John Hannah

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