Poetry Hour: Lessons

So can I be honest? I haven’t blogged in a while because blogging was closely tied to what I thought I needed to be. I really wanted to work in social media particularly with a fashion or lifestyle agency/company/brand. Now, oh now, my eyes have been opened to so many different possibilities. I have always loved writing, but more so, creative writing. My love for poetry has also never ceased so, here I am. I have a real voice and lots of space to use it for a greater good. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to take the hundreds of poems I have written and put them in a book. Wish me luck!

Here is a poem that won’t make the book but really makes me smile….


Let’s talk about dreams

Not the ones I dream with eyes closed

but the ones I dream in vivid color

dreams I was once scared to dream

because they said, you’re so smart

be a lawyer

You’re so athletic, be a basketball player

No one ever said be a poet

No one loved the way I dreamed in watercolors

that created images only imagined in the right part of my human psyche

So I fought hard to be normal

I went to college to be normal

But the only place normal got me was a state of confusion

Too focused on what they wanted

I forgot to dream

Now time has past like rewinded clocks on daylight savings

And everyone seems disappointed

Because being an artist doesn’t pay the bills

So what do lies buy

Success is as conceptual as politics

I don’t need a box to stand in

FUCK your box

because all the box ever represented is an misguided idea of a person I’ve never been

Now I’m a day late and about ten dollars short

missing trains to my destiny

foolishly buying tickets to the wrong dream

So I deserve an apology

and you deserve an art lesson


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