If Liking You Is Wrong…

So I’ve been like this zombie that has no time to do anything enjoyable to me because of work and when I’m not at work my brain is just spinning out of control! So please understand why I haven’t been a good girl and blogged in freaking centuries.. (really months but centuries sounds so much more dramatic right??) How the freak is everyone? Good I hope.

So I don’t know what has gotten into me because it’s not spring but cupid is playing his old tricks. Maybe because it’s winter and my room is freezing and all I want is a man to warm me up (that sounds so dirty but I promise I don’t mean it that way). It’s just living in New York City and seeing so many guys that are FINALLY my TYPE. Do you know that I have gone MONTHS without being attracted to a single person in Chicago? So now my hormones are in overdrive from all the little cuties I see on the subway and what not. I guess that’s the inspiration for this post and this poem.. Enjoy!

I know I need like video editing and training like 101 but besides that, do you like?

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