Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay-Z “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” Remix


All of my real friends know that I am a HUGE Kendrick Lamar fan, and his latest album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, is still in heavy rotation. Kendrick is a lyricist, and I connect to his music on another level. To actually take in what he says, and then digest it, most of the time it gives me chills. It reminds me that people are out here living, and not everyone has the luxury of living glamorous life. Most of us are dealing with real sh*t that would make a nun blush at the very least.

So honestly, I was a little hesitate to listen the remix of one of my favorite songs by him. Normally, anytime I get a Jay-Z verse I’m overjoyed but this collab seemed like such a mismatch. Kendrick is representing for the new school, and Jay-Z has made his mark as the greatest rapper alive. I thought to myself, “what’s left for Jay-Z has to prove?” Maybe it’s his relevancy or maybe he just wanted to give Kendrick the nod (of approval).

In any case, the song is amazing. Though I wasn’t super impressed with Jay-Z lyrics, I appreciate his contribution nonetheless. It was Kendrick that really shined though. You could tell that these bars took time. He knew what he was up against, and he showed no mercy.  He words usually paint a picture but these bars were like graffiti. They were hard, and rough around the edges but they were thought-provoking and definitely warranted an immediate second listen. Overall, this remix is what this culture is about, intertwining the old and the new to make something that this generation can hold on too. Kudos.

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