Is it Bad?


So now that Tiara Thomas is outWale features our favorite bad girl on his “Bad” remix.  I must admit that Rihanna sounds good on this track. She has that low, raspy voice that makes this song what it is. Also, I love the little ab-lib raps she does. It makes the record light and more a tune that you put on while riding through the city streets in the summer.

The vibe from the original track was a serious one. One that highlights the lifestyle of a woman who has never really experienced loving someone or even herself. The video is gloomy and monotone that makes you go into a deep thought: Are you bad to the people who love you for the sake of being bad? 

Bad now features two different vibes of the same song. I enjoy both for different reasons, and since the Tiara Thomas version is not going to be on Wale’s album, (out June 25th) the Rihanna version is the undeclared winner. I look forward to Wale’s album and hope it’s vibe is more like his first album, Attention Deficit. He definitely has the versatility to make an album that is both radio friendly while still   tackling heavier issues that most rappers don’t touch.

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