Better Times are Coming!


This may just look like an ordinary photo taken inside a dive bar in the LES (Lower East Side) but it’s much more. It’s a message that some will be compelled to believe and some will be compelled to ignore. In my personal life, often this message get crumbled up and tossed with the bag of dirty laundry. Yes, I know it’s there but I choose to dismiss it until it’s time to clean up my life.

I know that it gets hard to see beyond your current situation. At this moment, you might be struggling to pay your rent, or you are in a battle with yourself about actually follow your heart or choosing  the safe route. Often we let worldly circumstances deter us from our destiny because we’ve been told that there is only way to succeed. As if there is some parallel path to being successful when really the road is crooked, missing, blocked off, or undiscovered. Once we get out of the mindset of what success should look like, we free ourselves into having the access to dreaming (and doing) outside the imaginary walls set up by society.

There is freedom in belief. Half the battle is believing in your own ability to be able to do anything, and the other half is then setting out and doing that said thing. The people who are in the place you want to be in weren’t given some special code or a key to success. Instead, they worked really hard at the gift that God gave them, and didn’t wait to act. There is never going to be a perfect time or a perfect place to act, you just have to take that leap of faith and make the first step.

This morning I listened to a sermon from Dr. Jamal Bryant. In his sermon, he gave four great tips in becoming success. Each one is simple enough to do everyday, and will get you closer to better times:

1. Invest 60 minutes a day into your passion.

2. Listen to things that inspire you [sermons, music, etc.] (feed your passion).

3. Invest in online studies to further your skill set (or look for workshops offered in your area).

4. Make a commitment that 3% of your income will go back into your craft / self-development (whether it’s books, paying for workshops or seminars, etc.)

Honestly, the thing that keeps me going everyday is the fact that my life won’t always be like this. As I gear up for grad school, I plan to indulge in some poetry workshops to make my application file a standout. I won’t be denied by the universe or by mere morals because I know that the gift that I possess is important and valuable. Frustration and fear still come, sometimes everyday, but I won’t continue to use that as a crutch. Instead I will put the hard work in so that success will be undeniable. I look forward to seeing all you ladies and gents in your better futures as well. Good luck! 

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