Shame. Shame. Shame!

I really do love this little blog, and when I blogged more I was happier. I was more in control of my time and my energy. Sometimes we get consumed by this demanding world around us. I can admit that I was its prey. Though, as this year comes to a close I’m proud to say that things have changed. Good things that make me hopeful. Things that make getting out of bed feel a lot more worth it did about two months ago. I’m grateful to God and to the universe for freeing me of a lot of dead weight but moving on….

This blog is probably going to be a lot less about fashion and a much more about life. As I reach two whole years in New York, only one word can describe this journey: exhausting. The phrase “a new york minute” is absolutely TRUE!  can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I have barely had time to stop and savor all that life has offered me, but on December 2, at 1:19am eastern time, I’ll take responsibility. I’ll take responsibility for the friends I didn’t get to see, the events I didn’t get attend, the holidays/birthdays/baby showers I missed because of my grueling work schedule, and I’ll loose myself of guilt. Next year, I’ll attempt to be better. I will say no to more things that are not becoming, and yes to more opportunities that truly speak to my aspirations and the places that I’m trying to go.

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This blog post is not about me though (well kind of) it’s about shame. It’s about the invite only pity party we throw ourselves. It’s about the picking at the scabs that we never quite healed. It’s time to let it go. Shaming is one of the easiest things to do. It makes us feel better about the fact we (think) we can’t do something. It’s the, well my mom never loved me so now I don’t know how to love, that we allow to cripple us. Everyone came on this earth with ability to do pretty much anything, then life happens. Sometimes we fall and we allow obstacles to hinder us. Dragging yourself through the mud is not going to allow you to get out of the situation any faster. Give yourself a break, and give yourself some credit. Quit self shaming!

I also see so much shaming in the black community. This absolutely irks my soul! Black people are the only people I see post pictures of black people killing black people with messages of “black on black crime.” We have to be smarter. Do you ever see white people post pictures of a white person killing another white person? NO! In fact, I’m not aware of any other race doing such shaming. In a world that is very much so still racism and stereotypical we can’t afford to not be on the same side. Our ancestors were kings and queens and we need to uplift each other. Stop comparing competing with your peers about silly things like fashion, money, and cars and educate yourself! There is all this beautiful black history that is not taught until college (if you’re lucky) that is worth celebrating. Stop shaming black women for wearing their hair in its nature state with “nappy head jokes”or shaming men into thinking that there is only one correct way to be a black man. As black people, we have to stick together because sadly no one else is going to do it for us.

Shame is as vicious as fear! Don’t allow anyone (including self) to shame you out of your destiny. We were all put on this earth to become limitless and receive all the desires of our hearts. I have seen so many people talk themselves out of blessings. Allow yourself to be great! Don’t stand on your own toes. You have everything you need to be success! Get going!


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