Nicki, No Role Model of Mine

I really hate to keep feeding into this celebrity mambo jumbo but I find it striking how other races view black culture. Recently after Lupita won the Oscar for best supporting actress, photos went up everywhere shouting her praise. I am a huge fan for any black woman (especially a beautiful chocolate goddess like herself) to be recognized in a positive light. However, one image I ran across on Facebook made me think twice about successful black female role-models (or lack there of).

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 12.19.26 AM


Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 12.20.13 AM


Please take a moment to read the text and continue on with the video.

In case the video doesn’t play, link.

Now, after you have read the text and watched the video, I would love to know how any black woman would consider her empowering? I’m sorry ladies but if you find this video to be a female anthem, you are no better than the men that call you bitches and sluts. There is no way around equality, we must treat our men how we ourselves would like to be treated. This song is degrading to men, especially black men with the overkill use of the “n” word. I find no empowerment in women who make a mockery of themselves, and from my vantage point, that’s what Nicki has done most her career. I have no doubt that she is a talented rapper, that is obvious. BUT nothing she does make me feel empowered as a black woman. Actually, it’s usually the opposite.

This blog post is less about Nicki Minaj and more about the lack of black female role-models in the media. Is this what the outside world thinks of us? Is this who non-blacks think we aspire to be? I personally don’t use women like Nicki Minaj to draw inspiration. I’m more into my momma, my ancestors, Michelle Obama, Angela Davis, Tracee Ellis Ross, Sonia Sanchez, and Kerry Washington. There are a million different ways to use your gift, I just wish more would use it to progress black women forward. xo.

Is Nicki Minaj one of your role models?

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